About John Hanley


about john hanley phd

To say that the impact John Hanley has had on the lives of hundreds of thousands has been significant would be an understatement. Perhaps there is no other figure in human development and experiential education who has had such a profound, pioneering, and long-lasting effect on the field.

Dr. John Hanley graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1971 and quickly became involved with the field of public awareness trainings. He was soon spearheading a new experiential breed of training which developed quickly and became hugely successful.

Lifespring was founded in 1974 by John Hanley and four others, though by 1978 he was the president and sole remaining founder, essentially leading the work himself with the support of his wife, Candace, who worked with him throughout the many years of Lifespring’s extensive work. Presently, his son, John Hanley, Jr., is working together with John Hanley Sr. to pioneer the field of experiential education in Corporate America through their company, Leadership Training and Development Group (LTDG).

The overwhelming feedback from scientific research and from hundreds of thousands of participants indicates that the work of Dr. John Hanley work was successful in an unprecedented way. Beginning with Lifespring’s founding in 1974, Dr. John Hanley pioneered one of the most influential experiential education movements in modern history.

Dr. John Hanley believed that a person with a commitment was more than capable of meeting the challenges of life and that, most often, what is needed is not a shift in circumstances, but a shift in the lens through which we see the world. This power of transformation resides within the individual’s choice. Such a choice requires a courageous commitment and risk on the part of the individual. It involves giving up the comfort of a familiarity which, though held tightly, is unsatisfying. It may require giving up assumptions about the world which have become dear to us or the self-protection we built up from a painful past. But, it is a choice that must be made if humans are to achieve all this is possible for them. In Dr. John Hanley’s own words, “At every moment, each of us has a choice to transform what is possible in the next moment of our lives.”